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Coffee Republic Scunthorpe try out new Fridge Monitoring system in their Fridges and freezers.

QCCTV Protects Thurley industrial estate with minimum fuss and ease of installation.

Shops are at risk without CCTV dont become one of the statistics install now

Qradio are launching a new product in the next month aimed at CCTV installers to allow wireless transmission of video over 3km

A local Farm Park employed Finchdata to upgrade security prior to the large party for the Royal wedding held there.

Finchdata starts 12th year of trading

The company has gone through many changes in the past 12 years and its greatest challenge this year with new products.

In the next few months Finchdata will be showcasing two new products aimed at CCTV installers and alarm companies. The products will enable a company to address monitoring in a totally different way with an 'always on' connection giving full feedback from premises 24/7. join our mailing list









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We like to go the extra mile and it is evident from our customer list that they appreciate just what we do.


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Testimonials  \\ What people are saying about us

Mr C Feather

Warehouse Systems

I cant believe how good your radio monitoring system is for cold storage areas. It is a ‘must have’ for any food manufacturer who has fridges and freezer areas containing stock.

Mr T Norman

Security Guard Hull

Since we installed the CCTV system we have been able to look at each number plate of the cars and vans. One more than one occasion we have been able to give the police the information required to give them a good lead.

Mr J West

Council Clerk

Vandalism is our biggest problem and the CCTV has enabled us to prosecute two offenders who damaged council property.

Mr G Hodson

Capital Equipment Company

We are delighted with your solution which enables us to track the  equipment usage and report back via the Internet to the owners of the units. First class system in all ways - well done.

Mr M Thurman

Coffee Shop Owner

Thank you for helping us in the coffee shop in monitoring the temperatures of the Fridges and freezers. Also with the web site for my other business interests.